The sun sets over Long An Stadium as V.League 2 sides Long An FC and Phố Hiến FC clash on 19 July, 2020. (Christopher Otis)

Looking for Football with Fans? Vietnam’s Got Your Fix.

Pre-match preparations for Long An FC vs Phố Hiến FC. (July 2020, Christopher Otis)
A Phố Hiến defender plays the ball during their match against Long An. (July 2020, Christopher Otis)
Phố Hiến FC keeper Trương Thái Hiếu (#89) mans the net against Long An FC. (July 2020, Christopher Otis)
The small but loyal group of Phố Hiến supporters made their presence at Long An Stadium well-known with frequent chanting and singing. (July 2020, Christopher Otis)
The sun sets over the dilapidated, yet charming, Long An Stadium. (July 2020, Christopher Otis)

American living in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Photographer, teacher, geographer, writer.

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